EXP03 Files and Instructions

Sketchup Model:

Crysis Level:

Crysis Flowgraph:

Control Instructions:
Merkel Elevator:
UP - P 

Kerr Elevator:
UP - K

EXP03 Final Submission

The idea behind my bridge architecture is that the two labs on the bridge become the elevator to form a table and meeting space on the valley floor.

When Angela Merkel and Miranda Kerr are in their respective spaces on the bridge, they are unable to meet or interact, and must use their elevators to move to the valley floor in order to meet.

The meeting space/dining table formed when the two labs come together on the valley floor.

Using the idea of moving architecture, I wanted the bridge to be completely removed when the elevators are activated. This was achieved by creating a drawbridge out of the remaining bridge when the elevators are activated. This means that, from the valley floor, the bridge is unable to be seen, and when on the bridge, it is whole and complete.

The view of the bridge (or lack thereof) from the valley floor.

Elevator in Crysis environment

View from valley floor:

View from half-way up:
View from top of elevator:

18 Sketches

One Point

Two Point

News article mashup

As is the case with many great women, she has already reinvented herself several times over. Her lonely, stubborn and ultimately victorious campaign, fought tirelessly for all great women. The sky seems to be the limit for this reunified and powerful woman, bringing hope and inspiration to millions.

Helen Keller:

Miranda Kerr:

'Hell Valley' in Black Forest, Germany

Höllental (or 'Hell Valley') region of The Black Forest located in south-west Germany.

Crysis environment based on above valley:

Crysis Wars Screenshots

Lower Space - Darwin's Lab where he is able to 'grind out' conclusions to his problems while overlooking the water and land that surrounds him.

Meeting Space - Where Hawking and Darwin are able to exchange their ideas. Hawking arrives from above on a ramp which extends out over Darwin's lab, Darwin arrives on a ramp which provides him with an unobstructed view out to the surrounding environment.
Upper Space - Hawking's Lab where he is able to 'grind out' his 'beautiful' conclusions to some of the most challenging problems in the field of theoretical physics. 
Ramp from lower to meeting space

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